A once in a lifetime opportunity

You, the parents, have a very narrow window of opportunity for collecting your child's cord blood for your family – during the delivery

Your child's cord blood is a rich source of high quality young stem cells which can be preserved for your family. Stem cells are the building blocks of all the tissues and organs, the blood system and the immune system of our body. Stem cells were first used for the regeneration of blood cells and immune system cells by virtue of bone marrow transplantation.

Stem cells have been used for decades in routine therapy to treat more than 70 diseases in both children and adults, among them various types of leukemia, lymphoma, various types of anemia, congenital defects of the immune system and other hematological malignancies. In addition, many research studies are conducted worldwide with the aim of maximum utilization of the therapeutic and regenerative potential of these cells. These studies have proven that stem cells are effective in treatment of the following diseases:

Heart diseasesDiabetes
Muscular degenerationMultiple sclerosis
Stroke / cerebral disordersAlzheimer's disease
Parkinson's diseaseSpinal injuries
ALSLupus disease


Stem cells – the medicine of tomorrow

Thousands of parents, among them physicians, nurses and scientists, have recognized the collection and preservation of stem cells as a powerful source of protection against potential future diseases for their family members. You, the parents, have a very narrow window of opportunity for collecting your child's cord blood for your family – during the delivery.
Cord blood collection is a painless process, it is not associated with any risk for the mother or the newborn child, and it takes only a few minutes.
The extensive and comprehensive knowledge and experience accumulated, as well as the technological advantage, enable TaLachaim ("a cell for life") to be Israel's leading cord blood banking facility.

Stem cells – the medicine of tomorrow

Hadassah Medical Center is home to the primary activity of the international Hadassah organization which has 1200 branches all over the world. During a period of more than 20 years, thousands of stem cell transplantations have been performed at this medical center, considered to be a world leader in this field.

Investment in your family's health – for 40 years

The TaLachaim service at Hadassah will keep your child's cord blood for your family only. Experts claim that under appropriate preservation conditions, stem cells may be stored indefinitely. Preservation of cord blood is an important long term investment. You preserve today for your family's health in the future. The value of the investment will grow with the development of additional medical applications and new treatments currently being investigated.

Advantages of cord blood stem cells

The cells are easily collected, and are available for treatment any time. For many diseases, early treatment, without the need to search for a donation, can delay disease progression and improve the chances of treatment success.
The cells collected are young cells, with no immunological identity, as opposed to the case with mature bone marrow cells.
These cells do not have to be perfectly matched to the patient, as is required with mature bone marrow cells. Thus, your baby's stem cells have the highest chance to be suitable for treating your family members.
Early cryopreservation of the young stem cells protects them from environmental damage, acquired diseases and age, factors which may affect the cells of adults and thereby reduce their efficiency.

Stem cells – what are they?

Stem cells, also called progenitor cells, are the primary cells of the body giving rise to numerous cell types, including bone cells, blood cells (red cells, white cells and platelets), immune system cells, skin cells, etc.

The younger the stem cells, the higher is their therapeutic potential.

Stem cells: future potential:
Repair / replacement of nerve cells: for the treatment of cerebral and spinal injuries, as well as for the treatment of brain damage due to a stroke.
Production of new cells for repair of blood vessels: for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.
Replacement of injured cells with healthy ones: for the treatment of coronary artery disease, heart attacks or cardiac injuries.
Replacement of brain cells: for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease.

Who can use your baby's stem cells?

At present, most of the stem cell transplantations within the family involve the newborn child's siblings.
Your baby : A perfect genetic match for use in future regeneration of cells and tissues, gene therapy, and in certain cases – for the treatment of various hematological diseases and cancer at present.
Siblings of the newborn child : The highest chance of a match between the sample and the newborn child's siblings, for treatment of cancer and genetic disorders.
Parents of the newborn child : The parents have a 50% genetic match with the newborn child.

Why TaLachaim:

The advantages of the TaLachaim service are reflected by both scientific excellence and high quality of service provided to the customers. These advantages differentiate TaLachaim, positioning it as Israel's leader in the field of cord blood banking.

Sample processing using the world's most advanced technology
At the TaLachaim laboratory at Hadassah, the stem cells are produced from your baby's cord blood using the Sepax device. This device is used by the largest banks worldwide, as well as by the MDA in Israel. This technology, which has set a high standard for all the blood banks in Israel and worldwide, enables us to produce the maximal stem cell yield for your family. The processing is performed in a closed system, with no exposure to human touch or to the air. Such processing affords the sample the most sterile conditions possible.
Stem cell transplantation experience at Hadassah
Stem cells cryopreserved at the laboratories of Hadassah Medical Center have already been successfully transplanted in many patients. Thus, the efficacy of the cryopreservation and sample processing has been proven beyond any doubt. In addition, Hadassah Medical Center has pioneered stem cell transplantations for various diseases in research studies.
Comprehensive commitment and security throughout the storage term
TaLachaim is the only service in Israel providing all its customers with a written commitment to sample storage for 40 years, given by Hadassah Medical Center, an institution that has been recognized and esteemed for decades in Israel and worldwide. The commitment provided by Hadassah Medical Center to the TaLachaim customers ensures continuous storage of the sample for the customers throughout the entire storage period, at no additional charge.
Worldwide activity
TaLachaim service has a high reputation among physicians and scientists all over the world. The TaLachaim service at Hadassah, a pioneer in the field of stem cell cryopreservation and transplantation in Israel and worldwide, has set a very high standard in this field. Our global activity is manifested by our receipt of cord blood samples from all over the world and their cryopreservation at Hadassah.
Compliance with the most stringent standards and authorizations in this field
The TaLachaim laboratory is located in the Department of Bone Marrow Transplantation at Hadassah, and has ISO 9001 certification. The samples are processed by TaLachaim using technology approved by the FDA. [TaLachaim is committed to the Public Trust Code of Conduct and] / [For its fairness to consumers, TaLachaim] has received the Public Trust Seal of Approval.
Cryopreservation of samples under the conditions customary in the world's largest banks
The cryopreservation facilities at Hadassah are underground, and are equipped with the world's best computerized alarm systems. The samples are stored in designated cryopreservation containers, filled with liquid nitrogen in the gas phase. This technique affords a special and significant advantage in sample preservation, preventing the transmission of infectious pathogens within the container.

A quick registration process – how does it work?

You can download the registration kit by clicking here or ask a service representative to send you the forms by calling: 1-700-700-577 .
Complete all the registration forms and send them by fax to: 03-5371372 .
Our service representative will contact you and arrange delivery of the collection kit to any destination
Bring the collection kit with you to the delivery room on the day of delivery and give it to the delivery staff.
Following cord blood collection by the midwife, please notify the TaLachaim Birth Center. A TaLachaim representative will set out for your location immediately in order to collect the sample and take it to the Medical Center for processing and cryopreservation

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